Why Netflix is spending millions on encryption

The popular streaming service Netflix recently announced in their quarterly letter to shareholders that they plan to secure their entire service with HTTPS. While some parts of Netflix already use encryption, such as the registration and payment services, the intention is now to encrypt the entire service for users on all platforms. This includes the […]

Five things we learned from Snapchat’s first transparency report

At the start of April, messaging service Snapchat revealed that they release a biannual transparency report. Transparency reports detail the requests for user data that received from governments around the world and what (if any) action was taken. Snapchat’s first report contains the first four months’ worth of data, as they didn’t want to delay […]

This is super boring

Riding high on a wave of connected “get fit” devices like FitBit and the Nike + Fuelband comes Google’s “Talking Shoe”. While it seems like something from a children’s story, the talking shoe is real and although it is just a concept device, it does highlight the developing relationship between social networking and self improvement. […]

Urban Warfare Twitter Heroes

Here’s a good social media story, Microsoft has just release a report about social media in conflict zones, called “The New War Correspondents: The Rise of Civic Media Curation in Urban Warfare” The report focuses mainly on Twitter and the gang wars in Mexico and highlights the work of regular social media users acting as […]

LifeKraze: Make friends, get fit, save money

So, you think you’ve got all the social media you need in your life right? Wrong! A brand new, Android based social network called LifeKraze has got some pretty ambitious designs on our social media lifestyles. “If Twitter is what you say, and Facebook is who you are, then LifeKraze is what you do” explains founder Michael […]