Vine: Not as private as you may think

Twitter’s Vine might be less than a year old but it has rapidly grown to be one of the most popular apps around, consistently holding the top spot among free apps on Apple’s AppStore.

Vine is a quick and easy way of turning your memories into short, six second videos which are then uploaded and shared on Twitter and Facebook.

However, while you can control who views your videos on Facebook or Twitter, the original vines themselves will always be available to the public. As Vine’s Privacy Policy says:

“Vine is a video sharing platform, so most of the information you provide us is information that you choose to be made public. This includes not only the Content that you post and data provided with such Content, such as when it was posted, but also the accounts you follow, the Content that you like or comment on, and other public interactions on the Services. Your public information is broadly and instantly disseminated.

So those Vine videos you are posting could end up just about anywhere. And they do.

I have no idea who this person is
I have no idea who this person is

VinePeek is just one of a number of Vine browsing sites  inviting you to “Watch the world in realtime”. The site constantly streams a feed of recently uploaded vines and even allows you to save them.

How would you feel if the vine you uploaded of you and your friends was being viewed and saved by strangers on another continent?

As with a lot of the latest social networking apps, users should be aware that what they are posting is immediately available for public viewing and not in fact as private as they might think.

My guess is that it won’t be long until someone gets burned doing something or being somewhere they shouldn’t have.

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