LifeKraze: Make friends, get fit, save money

So, you think you’ve got all the social media you need in your life right? Wrong!

A brand new, Android based social network called LifeKraze has got some pretty ambitious designs on our social media lifestyles.

“If Twitter is what you say, and Facebook is who you are, then LifeKraze is what you do” explains founder Michael Brooks Jr.

What does he mean by this? Well, LifeKraze encourages you to log and share your activity from the day such as “went for a swim” or “did half a sit up” and wants to own the space for people with active and healthy lifestyles.

LifeKraze encourages healthy living by introducing a user controlled reward system. Each user gets 300 points to distribute each day to other users who have been active or made healthy choices.

These points can then be redeemed to get discounts on products (yes, products in the real, physical world) from LifeKraze partners such as The North Face, O’Neill, Skullcandy and Men’s Health.

Certainly, it’s an interesting proposition and the rewards basis might just be what it needs to carve a niche out for itself amongst the colossi of social networking.

Social activity networks could be the next logical step in the personal fitness revolution, after the rise of activity monitors such as FitBit and Fuelbands, and could make the experience truly social. It will be interesting to see if they will introduce compatibility with tracking devices to provide a measurable metrics for “activity”.

You might be tired of social networks asking you to give your life away one Tweet, Check-in, like or +1 at a time and can’t be bothered to update another platform with your business.

This is a legitimate gripe, in the world where social is king (for now) everybody wants a piece of you and you’re the only one that can look out for yourself online.

Remember before installing any app, check the permissions that it wants to access, and if it wants to sync with your other accounts, take a close look at what you are allowing it to publish/access on your behalf.

Anyway, I’ll be monitoring LifeKraze closely as it seems to be a social network with its heart in the right place (in principal at least).

If LifeKraze can reach out to even a few people and encourage them to get away from their screens and earn some points in the real world then isn’t that a good thing?

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